How To Get Started July 29th, 2014

Getting Started

You have three different ways to Bond with people right now. You can either call them, text them or send them a Facebook message. The best way to get started is to start keeping in touch with people that you’re really close to. Your family and your close friends.

You should already have these people in your phone contacts. In the app, if you go to the Phone Call option and give the app access to your phone contacts, you will see all your phone contacts listed. Go through the list and select all the contacts you want to keep in touch with. Once done, hit the Schedule option and set the schedule for how often you’d like to be reminded to call each one of them. You know your schedule and if you know when the other person is usually available to talk you can customize your reminders accordingly.

This would be a good start but you may also have contacts on your phone that you don’t call that often but rather just text. If you want to start keeping in touch with them too, you can go to the Text Message option and select those people and again, for each contact select how often you’d like to text them.

Now, if you’re really motivated, you may want to get back in touch with everyone you like and care about. Although, you may realize that some of them are not on your phone contacts but you have them on your Facebook! In that case, go to the Facebook option and select those people and setup reminders to send them Facebook messages to keep in touch with them.

It’s that easy!

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