Our Story July 28th, 2014

It was my 30th birthday. Looking back at the last 30 years of my life, I felt nothing but thankful for all the people that I had met and all the interactions and experiences I shared with them. What I realized though, is that I was no longer in touch with a lot of them just because we don’t go to the same school or college any more, live in the same city or work at the same company any more. These were all the people that I was really close to at one point and then situations changed, we went in different directions and got so consumed in our new lives that we just completely lost touch.

I decided to change that. I tried setting up reminders on my phone for every person I wanted to keep in touch with but it was really tedious and wasn’t effective at all. I started looking for other apps that could help me do this better but I couldn’t find anything. I mean yeah there’s already Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and all the new social networking apps that come out every day but I couldn’t find anything that would regularly remind me to keep in touch with people I choose to.

As I started talking to more people about it, I realized it wasn’t just me. It was definitely a problem others were facing too. So I put together a small team and we decided to fix it. The result is Bond. Our only goal is to make it really easy for all of us to keep in touch with people that matter to us. We’ve taken the first crack at it and we’re quite excited to share the first version of the app with you.

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Have fun bonding with people and keep in touch!

Founder, Bond