Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Bond?

    Bond is a simple iPhone app that reminds you to keep in touch with all your friends, family and professional contacts that matter to you.
  2. How do I keep in touch with people using Bond?

    1. You have different ways to keep in touch with different people. In the first version you could call, text or send a Facebook message. The new version integrates with WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Emails.
    2. You simply select all the people you want to keep in touch with.
    3. Select how often you want to contact each one of them and hit Done.
    4. That’s it. Now the app will schedule regular reminders for you. When you get a reminder, you simply swipe the notification open and you get an option to contact that person right away. It's that simple.
  3. Do I need to signup or login to use the app?

    No, you don’t need to sign up or login to start using the app. You can get started right away.
  4. Do you store any of my personal contacts data on your server?

    No, we do not send any of your personal contacts data to our server. It is all stored locally on your phone.
  5. Will I get too many notifications from this app?

    Nope. The app intelligently spreads out your notifications based on the frequencies you've selected so that you’re not bombarded with a ton of notifications.
  6. What if I’m busy when I get a notification?

    You can always go to your missed notifications in the app at the end of the day or when you have some time and catch up.
  7. How do I change the schedule for an existing contact that I’m bonding with?

    Go to the contacts list. Scroll down to or search for that contact and swipe left on that contact to get a Schedule option. You can tap on Schedule, make your changes and hit Done.
  8. How do I stop bonding with a particular contact and not get any more notifications for that person?

    Depending on how you have chosen to keep in touch with that person, go to the corresponding contacts list, either scroll down to or search for that contact and deselect it.
  9. I don’t see some of my phone contacts. What’s going on?

    The app only shows contacts from your default Contacts Account set under your Phone Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Default Account (Under Contacts Section). This is to avoid any duplicate contacts coming from different accounts. Also we didn’t want users that have enterprise accounts setup on their phones to have to go through their entire company directory when all they want to do is keep in touch with some close friends and family. You just need to set the default to the account that has all your personal contacts. Mostly it's iCloud. Right now it might be set to another account that doesn’t have all your contacts that’s why you’re only seeing a few contacts. Once you've made the change, come back to our app, go to the Phone Call and Text Message options and pull down to refresh the contacts list and you should see all your contacts. If you still have a missing contact, you may have that contact stored in a different account.
    1. Open the Contacts App and tap Groups in the upper-left corner.
    2. Deselect the All [account] option for any third-party accounts, such as Gmail or Yahoo.
    3. Make sure All iCloud is selected and then hit Done.
    4. View your contacts. If you don't see the contact, then it exists in a third-party account.
    5. To import any missing contacts into your iCloud account, you need to first export the contacts from your third-party account in the vCard format. It's easy. Here's the steps for how to do it in Gmail.
    6. Then go to and you can import those contacts into iCloud.
    Note: If you want to leave the default account to something other than iCloud, you simply need to import all your contacts into that account. Once you've successfully imported contacts to the default account, come back to the app, go to the Phone Call and Text Message options and pull down to refresh the contacts list and you should now see all your imported contacts too.
  10. I don't see all my Facebook contacts. Why is that?

    Facebook changed it's policy on April 30th, 2015. Now when you login to your Facebook account in any app, you will only see your friends who are also logged into that app using Facebook. If you don't see a friend you want to bond with, you can either invite them to our app or you can grab their cell phone number, add them to your phone contacts and keep in touch with them using WhatsApp which is a great alternative.
  11. I don’t see a new contact I recently added. How do I refresh my contacts list?

    If you’ve added a new phone contact, Go to the Phone Call and Text Message options and pull down on the contacts list to refresh the list. You will now see all your latest Phone contacts. Search for that contact to double check. You can do the same for other services.
  12. I see too many entries in the contacts list for the same person. What do I do?

    Sometimes we create different contacts for someone’s home, mobile and work phones. It makes your contacts list a little cluttered. We recommend consolidating your phone contacts so that all the phone numbers for a particular person are under the same contact. When the app gives you the notification you will have an option to pick what number you want to call or text.
  13. How can I call or text my international contacts to keep in touch with them?

    If you have international call/text service enabled on your phone, you don’t need to do anything different. Just call/ text the international number when you get the notification. Otherwise, you can use WhatsApp to message your international contacts for free. And for calling international, let’s say if you’re using a service like Vonage or any such service:
    1. Open the Contacts App on your iPhone.
    2. Find your international contact.
    3. Open the contact and hit Edit.
    4. Add a new number. Change the label from Home or Mobile and you can create a custom label like Vonage.
    5. Then first Enter your Vonage Access number.
    6. Enter a Pause character which will be displayed as a comma (,)
    7. Enter your 4-digit Vonage Security Pin if applicable.
    8. Enter another Pause character.
    9. Enter the telephone number (include 011 + country code + phone number).
    10. Save the entry.
    Once done, come back to Bond and refresh your Phone Contacts list. Now when you get a notification you will see an option to call the Vonage number and you will be able to directly speed dial the international number through Vonage. You can do the same for any other international calling cards that you might be using. We highly recommend setting this up initially, it’ll make it really easy for you to keep in touch with your international contacts.
  14. I logged in to my Yahoo account and it just took me to the Yahoo home page. I’m not sure what to do next. How do I import all my Yahoo contacts?

    Just hit back on that screen and tap again on Yahoo. This time you will get an option to Authorize access to Yahoo contacts. Hit Authorize and you will be able to import all your Yahoo contacts to the app.
  15. I logged into Gmail and imported all my contacts fine but when I go to Gmail for Work it logs me into my personal account. How do I log into my Gmail for Work account?

    If you’re already logged in to Gmail and you’re trying to login to Gmail for Work or vice versa, Gmail will by default log you into your first account, you will need to tap on the email address that you’ve already logged in with on the top right of the login screen and add your second account and login to that account.
  16. Why am I not able to log into my LinkedIn account?

    LinkedIn has limited the access to it's social graph to only selected partners starting May 12th. We are working on partnering with them. Until then you won't be able to log into your LinkedIn Account. Sorry for the inconvenience. But meanwhile, you can export your LinkedIn contacts to your Gmail or Yahoo account and setup reminders to keep in touch with them through email.
  17. I want this on Android. Where do I sign up?

    Sign up here and you'll be the first to know when we release on Android.
  18. For any other questions, please e-mail